Minecraft Overseer - Minecraft Server Monitoring

Shutting Down Minecraft Overseer

I started minecraftoverseer.com in 2014 because I needed to be notified when my own minecraft server failed or when others where having issues with it. It expanded over time to include monitoring from many different places in the world.

I had initial plans of monitised plans, more frequent polling, more in depth analsys. Unfortunately I never found the time for any of this and now I have no time to develop the project further. Additionally it despirately needs a rewrite away from it's Ruby base, a new responsive website, use of a time series database to allow better querying, the drones need to push rather then be polled, etc.

Futher running it hasn't be cheap, it also costs around $930/year to run:

  • $35/mon for drones (7 * $5/mon instances in Digital Ocean and vultr).
  • $40/mon for the main server (hosted on my own tin, but that's the Digital Ocean price for the resources it uses).
  • $10/year per domain (.com/.net/.org)

So, factoring in all these things I've reached the decision to shut the service down.

  • Soon the website will stop accepting new registrations, and creation of new servers.
  • On the 30th of September 2017 the service will stop polling your servers and will no longer send any more notifications.
  • On the 1st of October 2017 a dump of all the polling data we have stored for any of your servers will be made available, you will be emailed a URL to download the data. The website will be replaced to a holding page.
  • At least a month later the holding page (and data downloads) will be removed, and nothing will be reachable.

I hope that the service has been useful to everyone over the last three years!

Good luck!