Minecraft Overseer - Minecraft Server Monitoring


Minecraft Overseer came out of the need to independantly monitor a few Minecraft servers and be notified if certain events happened to them. This service is aimed at the administrators of Minecraft servers, not people who wish to monitor others servers.

Ways of Being Notified

  • Email


    Receive alerts to your email account.

  • RSS


    RSS feed for your favourite aggregator.

  • Twitter


    Twitter feed for your server, let players follow!

  • Pushover


    Run Pushover on your mobile* (iOS/Android) and receive server alerts instantly.

  • URL


    Let us push events to your website, then you can do anything!

  • XMPP


    Send messages to XMPP, Jabber or GTalk.

  • reddit


    As private messages where you spend all your "free" time.

* Pushover must be purchased through the platforms application store, no proceeds go to Minecraft Overseer.


What To Do Now?

At the moment we have no features which you can use without creating an account, so you should probably do that! Once you have confirmed your email address you'll be able to log in and add a server to be monitored.

If you still want to know more then you should read our frequently asked questions and information on how we send you notifications.

I have suggestions, ideas or constructive criticism!

Head over to /r/MinecraftOverseer on reddit.com, we'll be happy to chat about it!