Notification Actions

You can choose to use the following notification methods to receive server events.


Notifictions to email are sent out in the following format to the email address you use to log in.

Subject: Minecraft Overseer - Awesome Server - MOTD Change: Come play PVP Arena!
From: "Minecraft Overseer" <>

Event Notice

Server: Awesome Server
Check At: 2013-02-23 21:09:23 +0000
Event: MOTD Change: Come play PVP Arena!


In order to use RSS you must make your server "Public", you can do this by click the Edit icon on your server page. Once you have done so you will see two RSS icons.

Rss-blueThis RSS feed is customised by the options you specify in the Noritifcations screen, it contains slightly more information such as error codes.
Rss-orangeThis RSS feed is not customisable and is for any users you wish to be able to monitor the status of the server.


Twitter integration works by associating your servers Twitter account with your Minecraft Overseer account. Once you have done so it is possible to add it as an action for notifications, notifications are Tweet'd out to the Twitter accounts normal timeline, not direct messages.

You can set the Twitter account to be private if you do not wish others to see the Tweets, additionally remember that it may be possible to subscribe to SMS notifications of Tweets depending on your country.

When you add or edit the notification action you have the following options.

Prefix with Server NameThe name of the server will be placed at the start of the Tweet, allowing you to have multiple servers using one Twitter account.


Pushover sell a (relatively cheap) client on most mobile platforms, Minecraft Overseer can then send instant messages to your account/device.

When you add or edit the notification action you have the following options.

Pushover User TokenThe token which uniquely identifies your pushover account.
Pushover Device TokenBy giving each device a name you can specify it here and have only certain devices receive notifications.
Pushover PriorityThe priority dictates how your client will handle the notification. Quiet, Normal, Normal + Confirmation, High Priority are all available. Quiet makes no noise, High Priority will make a noise on your device even if silenced (platform depending).


By using XMPP you can send a message to any globally reachable XMPP address (so not the Facebook Chat XMPP addresses), this includes any common XMPP server, any Cisco Jabber platform (with federation enabled) and GTalk (for as long as it remains).

The chat message will be sent from "", it does not respond to presence requests and will not subscribe to your presence. This may change in the future to be "", so add that too if you white list.

When you add or edit the notification action you have the following options.

XMPP AddressXMPP address to which the notification (in the form of a chat message) should be sent.


Notifications can be sent as private messages on reddit, as it's where you're spending all of your time anyway when not playing Minecraft you might as well get them here.

The private message will either be sent from "Melair" or "MinecraftOverseer", the latter will be used once it has enough karma.

When you add or edit the notification action you have the following options.

reddit Usernamereddit username to send notifications to.

Callback URL

Callback URLs are advanced functionality for website authors, perhaps you want a very specific custom action based upon the notification, or want to alter your website in some way. You can use this action to do so.

When you add or edit the notification action you have the following options.

URLThis should be the full URL (including schema) you wish us to send the notification to.
HTTP POST?By default the notification is made by a HTTP GET request, checking this box means it will use a HTTP POST.

The following HTTP functionality is supported.

  • HTTPS is supported, however the SSL certificate chain will be ignored.
  • Basic HTTP Digest Authentication is supported.

URL Example:

You will receive the following GET or POST parameters.

FieldExample ValueDescription
eventup / down / motd / player_record / disabledType of event the callback URL is being notified of.
server_id1Internal ID number used to identify this server.
checked_at1361709006Time the event was generated, in number of seconds since 01/01/1970 (aka unix time epoch).
server_uptrue / falseServers status when event was generated.
hostnameexample.orgHostname of server as configured by user.
connected_ip192.0.2.1IP address that was actually connected to.
connected_port25565TCP port that was actually connected to.
errordns_error / internal_lan / hamachi_vpn / tcp_connect_refused / tcp_socket_error / tcp_read_timeout / tcp_connect_timeout / invalid_dataInternal error code explaining why the server was not up.
protocol51Version of the Minecraft protocol the server uses.
version1.4.7Version of Minecraft.
motdA Minecraft ServerThe current MOTD from the server.
players_current0Number of current players.
players_maximum30Maximum of number of possible players.
slug1a2b3c4dPart of the server URL used on Minecraft Overseer. Can be between 3-32 characters, containing a-z, 0-9 and -.